After The Music Stops LLC

After The Music Stops LLC is a full-service youth ministry, resource company, that provides tools, for parents, youth ministry leaders, and students. Our focus and vision is on ministry after the BIG event. We provide these services by creating books, devotionals, trainings, small group studies, sermon series, tours, and more all to connect students with God. Contact us today info@afterthemusicstops.org or 301-755-9495

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Training and Coaching

Our goal is to serve you as you serve students and families. Below please see a "limited" list of choices, more will be provided upon request.

For Student Leaders

– Jumping Hurdles: Developing a Closer Relationship with God.
– DOA: Death of Appearance (Authentic Leadership).
– Now & Laters: Helping students develop a plan to lead now and later.

For Adult Leaders

– Ministering to the Hip Hop Generation.
– After The Music Stops (Developing & maintaining an effective youth ministry).
– The YOU in YOUth Ministry: Helping leaders stay true to the call of ministry.

For Churches

– Using Technology Effectively for Christ. (Outreach)
– The Creativity of Christ in Church.
– Youth Ministry as evangelism.

Also available for: One on One Youth Ministry Coaching/Consulting:

– Training of adult and student leaders.
– Evaluating current and future youth ministry events/programs to highlight strengths and weaknesses.
– Developing a growth plan for your youth ministry.
– Developing a strategic plan to help you close the “back door” & get more students involved in ministry.
– Developing “key” community partnerships with schools, government organizations, and other not-for-profit organizations in order to make a lasting impact in the community.

For more information and/or to request Rev. Russ please call 301-755-9495, email, or complete this form.


It’s Not Youth Ministry Unless Youth Are Leading The Ministry!

Rev. Russ – After The Music Stops LLC